A French company, founded 28 years ago and based in Bucharest, Romania that has become the European leader in bending acrylic products.

We manufacture standard and custom products for major brands and retail chains. Our experience is all acrylic materials, silkscreen, etching …

We have 2 manufacturing units (5000 sqm each), 150 people, large stocks of raw materials and efficient logistics allowing us to offer timely manufacturing and short delivery terms.

Our strategic location in Bucharest, Romania ensures fast transit to all European Cities under 3 days.

We have modern manufacturing processes and tools of the latest technology, raw materials of the highest quality, ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certification, marking techniques of the highest demand (screen-printing, engraving, sanding, marking tape…) and a dedicated team prepared to meet the highest quality criteria.

Multilingual speakers, a research department (engineers, designers …).

Custom packaging (pallet, boxes, labels, barcode labels …), a distribution network available throughout Europe.

We can offer efficient services through our export department ensuring order traceability from inquiry submission to customer delivery.

We have competitive prices! Our competitive labour costs , latest technology equipment and attention to detail ensure that we are able to challenge the Asian market and meet the highest quality requirements.

With a dual status of importer-distributor we have the advantage of raw material cost optimization.